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Anonymous said: Dearest Jess: I’ve written to you before, both anonymously and openly yet this time I struggle to define the courage to cross the bridge and expose who I am. I’ve followed you for a few years now and I have come to the conclusion that with every ebb and flow of your growth as an individual I find myself more and more attracted to you. I’ve never expressed myself in this light to a member of the same sex before because I myself am unsure and growing but to relieve this off my chest is refreshing.

Dearest Anon: It’s good to express yourself and it’s okay to stay hidden. If the time comes that you want to approach openly, you won’t be judged, but I also warn you fairly that I’m notoriously bad at responding to such situations. Please don’t feel weird about the same sex/gender thing. You and I both know that people are people and attraction is not felt in terms of black and white. Really glad you said something - you’ll feel better, I promise. :)

2 years ago