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sixstringsofcuriousity-deactiva said: So I recently did a review of Circa Survive's Violent Waves on my secondary blog, and I'm falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I'm loving Blue Sky Noise and On Letting Go. What's your favorite Circa Survive album, if you have one?

My favorite Circa album cycles like my favorite Coheed album cycles, but most often it is On Letting Go. The emotional impact of that album is ridiculous, like it makes you realize how strongly you feel something and then doesn’t let you hide from it, doesn’t ease up or pull back, actually immerses you in that emotion until you have learned it front and back. It’s gorgeous, intense, thoughtfully written.

When Juturna is my favorite, it’s because of the things each song makes me think of. When BSN is my favorite it’s because it’s almost like a story is being told to you of experiences that are still fresh in the mind of the teller. I’m still getting familiar with Violent Waves, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it at a later date.

2 years ago